A customizable, scalable open source e‑commerce framework for teams that build leading or fast-growing e‑commerce sites. Built on PHP 7 and Symfony 3.

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ShopSys Framework is a scalable e‑commerce framework for building fast-growing e‑commerce sites created and maintained by in-house developers or outsourcing companies. The Framework is provided with tools and know-how that all together save thousands of developer man-hours in the short term and especially​ in the long term. Yet it still provides enough freedom for developers.

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Built for e‑commerce teams' needs

Lean e‑commerce platform

Lean, scalable and flexible open source e‑commerce platform based on PHP 7 and Symfony 3. The core, front-end and back-end are all included. Regular patches and updates come standard.

Easy adoption

User and developer documentation, tutorials, handbooks, case studies, forums so that you can create, customize and maintain your e‑commerce site comfortably and easily.

Tool set

Unit / regression / acceptance / performance tests, compiling, database migrations, sample data, coding standards checks and auto-fixing, API and other tools loved by developers.

Extensions & bundles

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use hundreds of existing extensions and bundles such as payment methods, ERP data connectors and front-end or back-end features.

Development & deployment

GIT, servers / cloud management, building, source-code / application / data / API testing, debugging, profiling, project management tools integration. Leave it up to our integrated cloud service and just focus on developing.

Agile/Scrum driven

By adopting ShopSys Framework you can also adopt agile software development methods. Our experts will help you with working in SCRUM which is a today’s must-have.

Shared know-how

Our e‑commerce experts will share all their know-how with you. Whether it is training, architecture consultation, code-review, security or performance audits, team leadership or server / cloud tips.

Support and help

We will have your back. You can rely on us 24/7. We provide an emergency hot-line and we can also help you with just about anything related to e‑commerce site development.

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