License Agreement

Summary Clause

By making a contribution, you agree to the terms of the License Agreement for contributions to Shopsys, which includes your grant to Shopsys of a royalty-free and perpetual license to use and relicense your contribution, and any copyrights and patent rights in your contribution. You may only contribute software and materials if you have the right to license such software and materials or if you represent the person or entity which has the right to license such software and materials.

License Agreement for contributions to Shopsys (“License Agreement”)

Version 2018-01-11

This License Agreement applies to any code, associated documentation files and other work of authorship or work otherwise protected under any applicable intellectual property laws, including patent laws and including any modifications or additions to an existing work (“Contribution”), that you may have submitted or will submit for the use with Shopsys e-commerce platform or with other Shopsys software (“Software”), while making a pull request or by similar interaction.

By identifying yourself in the contact form below and ticking the consent button below, you agree to this License Agreement. By submitting a Contribution you (the individual identified or logged in when submitting a Contribution) confirm your consent with this License Agreement, as may be updated at the time of submitting your Contribution. If you do not agree to this License Agreement or if you are unable to license your Contribution, do not submit the Contribution.

This License Agreement is between

(1) Shopsys s.r.o., Czech company with Id. No. 27790487 and its affiliates (further references as “Shopsys”, “we”) and
(2) the author of the Contribution or another person or entity which is authorized to grant the license under this License Agreement (each of them “Author”).

If you are not the Author:

(i) you warrant to Shopsys that you may represent the Author;
(ii) you enter into this License Agreement on behalf of the Author and
(iii) you must inform Shopsys of the identity and contact details of the Author.

If your or the Author’s contact details change in future, you must inform Shopsys of the new details.

By this License Agreement the Author grants, free of charge, a license to Shopsys to use the Contribution. The license is granted as:

(i) unrestricted in the means and scope of use – Shopsys may use the Contribution in any applicable manner, including copying and distribution and without any restriction on repeated use;
(ii) global, i.e. unrestricted in the territory;
(iii) perpetual and irrevocable – it is granted for the entire duration of the statutory copyright protection of the Contribution.

Shopsys may transfer the license to a third party and sublicense or relicense it to a third party under any terms at Shopsys’ choice. Shopsys may modify the Contribution without further consent of the Author. The Author waives her right to be mentioned as the author of the Contribution. To the extent the Contribution becomes part of Software and Software becomes patentable, the Author assigns to Shopsys a right to claim the patent to Software. The Author warrants to have all rights to the submitted Contribution necessary for granting the license under this agreement and that the use of the submitted Contribution by Shopsys in accordance with this License Agreement will not infringe any third party rights to the submitted Contribution. If the Author identifies other individuals allowed to submit Contribution on behalf of the Author in the form below, then this License Agreement applies also to any Contribution which have been submitted or will be submitted by such individuals and the individuals are also authorized to accept any future changes to the License Agreement on behalf of the Author. The Author may cancel the authorization by email instruction sent at This License Agreement is governed by laws of the Czech Republic.

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